GeNetViz- Gene Network Visualization

Version 1.1 Release Notes

Since the initial developmental release of GeNetViz effort has been placed on the ability to visualize large network graphs while remaining user friendly and useful as a pattern identification tool for bioinformatics. Many exisitng commercial and open source network graph tools can handle only small graphs, on the order of a few hundred vertices and edges at the most. While they have the ability to exceed that limit these tools become sluggish and cumbersome. Thus, large data sets must be preprocessed, filtering out data to produce a network graph size that is acceptable to the tool being used to analyze it. It is the goal of the GeNetViz development team to provide a tool that can accept larger data sets with reduced application sluggishness so that a more accurate assesment of the data can be perform by a general user. Furthermore, there are several disciplines within the bioinformatics community that can benefit from network graph analysis, but the nature of the data and the tools used for analysis may differ. GeNetViz has been developed as a modular environment with key advantages such as,

In addition to the above, several new features appear in the version 1.1 release:

Future Work

Still in a development phase, GeNetViz will be molded to provided a more sophisticated management of the multithreaded environment to keep the user in control of desktop actions and not the application. Additional tools will be developed which may include,

GeNetViz developed and maintained by Shawn Ericson, Bing Zhang, Stephen Kirov, and Jay Snoddy

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